What is eRNAC?

eRNAC is the research network of academic researchers of agricultural cooperatives.

eRNAC is bringing together and disseminating knowledge from enterprises as well as science.

eRNAC members believe that by blending detailed description, theory, modeling and empirical analysis, valuable new knowledge is created. 

eRNAC intends to complement the various research programs all over Europe.

The field
  • One third of world food production passes through co-operatives.
  • The European Union has 132.000 cooperatives with 83.5 million members and 2.3 million employees. The USA has 47.000 cooperatives with 100 million members. China has 94.771 cooperatives with 1.193 million members.
  • Researchers around the world and Cooperative enterprises in Europe are invited to participate in eRNAC in order to exchange views between academic researchers, cooperative business leaders and members of cooperatives.