e-Research Network for Agricultural Cooperatives 

Our latest Annual Report is available on request (mail to Krijn.Poppe at
eRNAC’s objectives
Research network of academic researchers of agricultural cooperatives. bringing together and disseminating knowledge from enterprises as well as science. By blending detailed description, theory, modeling and empirical analysis, valuable new knowledge is created. eRNAC intends to complement the various research programs all over Europe.
eRNAC: history of the organisation
Started in the Netherlands with a government grant by George Hendrikse, Gert van Dijk, Hans van Trijp and others Broadened to European and International Level

Foundation under Dutch Law:
Chair: Krijn J. Poppe (NL)
Member: Konstatinos Iliopoulos (Greece) - from 15.12.2014

Former Board Members
Jerker Nilsson (Sweden) - until 28.12.2014

eRNAC: Scientific Directors
Task: day-to-day scientific management of eRNAC

Kostas Karantininis (Denmark)
Constantine Iliopoulos (Greece)
Rainer Kuhl (Germany)

eRNAC: Country scientific coordinators
Task: liaise and organise a meeting per year
See the list on the page Liaisons

Scientific Community
You can become involved in our community by using LinkedIn and join our eRNAC group