1. What is eRNAC ?
eRNAC is the research network of academic researchers of agricultural cooperatives. eRNAC is bringing together and disseminating knowledge from enterprises as well as science. By blending detailed description, theory, modeling and empirical analysis, valuable new knowledge is created. eRNAC intends to complement the various research programs all over Europe. Researchers at universities around the world and Cooperative enterprises in Europe are invited to participate in eRNAC in order to exchange views between academic researchers, cooperative business leaders and members of cooperatives. Juridically eRNAC is a Foundation under Dutch law.

2. How can I be connected to the eRNAC community?
Join our group at LinkedIn. 

3. What are the advantages of being connected to the eRNAC community?
eRNAC has the ambitious to create a network and a place for exchange and discussion about the contemporary progress on cooperatives.
Exchange between researchers will be facilitated by making the possibilities / support for exchange and visits visible on the website. Meetings between decision-makers in the various circles related to agricultural cooperatives, like members, cooperative leaders, public policy makers and academic researchers.
In addition a regularly updated list of links and file library is providing the users with the ability to be informed for the most recent research and discussion around the agricultural cooperatives.

4. My organisation, university, institute etc. it is not included in the list of links at the start page. What should I do?
Send an e-mail with the appropriate link to the webmaster: krijn.poppe@wur.nl 

5. My organization is preparing a conference which concerns agricultural cooperatives or relative issues of discussion. How can I upload the necessary information?
Send an e-mail with the appropriate information and a weblink (obligatory!) to the webmaster: krijn.poppe@wur.nl
Post the same information in the LinkedIn group