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EU study published

The European Commission has published all the work from the project Support of Farmers’ Cooperatives on their website
In addition to the main report and leaflet, 78 background reports have been made available. The website of Wageningen UR has made them individually accessible, and is a bit more user friendly.
Many eRNAC members have contributed to this study managed by Wageningen UR - which proves the value of being linked as researchers interested in cooperatives and producer organisations.

2nd eRNAC conference successful 

The organisers Petri and Jerker
in the center
The 2nd eRNAC conference (Here is the website) has been a success, thanks to the efforts of Jerker Nilsson, Petri Ollila and their team in Helsinki. More than 40 experts in agricultural cooperatives took part and nearly 30 high quality papers were discussed. The group will keep the network alive via the LinkedIn discussion group and some will think about a proposal to the eRNAC board to have a 3rd eRNAC conference in e.g. 2014